Regenerate Your Youthful Contours With Non-Invasive Thermage FLX Treatment

As we age, our skin elasticity loosens and collagen production reduces which leads to loss of skin thickness, tone, strength, and resilience. The youthful contours disappear and our skin starts to sag. However, with the technological advancements in the medical field, it is possible to get back the youthful contours and much firmer and younger skin. 

Treatment for youthful skin

Thermage FLX is one such non-invasive treatment that stimulates the skin to produce new and healthy collagen. The treatment is done by generating high-energy radiofrequency that uses the Mono-polar RF technology. 

The waves penetrate the deeper layers of the skin heating the skin cells and stimulating collagen formation. It tightens the existing collagen tissues so that there is an immediate improvement in skin elasticity. 

Best place to get the treatment done

Retens Medical has the best medical aesthetic team providing efficient and reliable services with high-end technology. Located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, this medical beauty centre offers a full range of medical service treatments and solutions to solve any kind of skin problem. They use genuine, safe, and authentic products and reliable treatment courses handled by experienced doctors with no hidden charges. Their 10 years of experience have earned them a good reputation that has made them win the Favourite Frozen Age Medical Beauty Centre Award in the Beauty Awards 2021.

Areas that can be treated

Every treatment is designed and the method of “lifting vectors” is used for the best results so that the problem areas can be treated. Some of the areas that can be improved with the treatment are:

  • Facial contours: improving skin thickness with subtle eyebrow lifting.
  • Eyelids: improving the skin texture around the delicate eye area for a modest lift.
  • Lowers jaw area and neck:  tightens the skin and softens the appearance of facial folds, enhancing the jawline.
  • Body: improves skin thickness and makes it firm.

Treating fine lines around the eyes

The latest generation of this non-invasive treatment is the Thermage 眼 treatment, which is currently the only FDA-approved treatment for an instant lifting effect to brighten the eyes. It is suitable for the thin skin around the eyes and improves the upper eyelids and the fine lines around the eyes. 

The latest generation of smart probe 4.0 is more effective and can reduce the treatment time by up to 25%. It also improves the vibration mode, which makes the procedure even more comfortable for the patients.


The benefits of Thermage treatment are long-lasting with a proper skin regime even if the ageing process continues. During the procedure, radiofrequency energy waves penetrate the deeper layers of the skin cells and target the collagen tissues. The warm and cool vibrations are quite comfortable for the person as they never feel the heat from the device. The session usually lasts for 30 to 90 minutes with little to no adverse effects. 

  • It is a non-invasive treatment procedure with the best results.
  • Enhances skin texture and quality.
  • Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lifts facial contours.
  • Fights signs of ageing. 

You will notice an improvement in your skin texture immediately after the procedure and can soon resume normal activities. 


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