Delta Dental Oral Health – When to Take a Child to the Dentist

Healthy mouths are key to school readiness. Healthy mouths can contribute to less school absences, better learning, and easier friendships. Delta Dental offers certain services at select locations. You can learn more about Delta Dental, Pediatric dental plans, and TeethFirst! by reading this article. There are several benefits to taking your child to the dentist, and you should make an appointment for your child to get checked out.

About Delta Dental

According to the Delta Dental Plans Association, a survey of nine hundred and seventy-seven primary caregivers of children aged one to 11 found that 45% of those surveyed took their children to the dentist based on a referral from a pediatrician. Another 11% of children ages two to four visited a dentist without a referral, and 10% of three-year-olds visited the dentist because of a parent’s recommendation.

If your employer offers dental insurance, Delta Dental will file your claim forms and pay the dentist directly. If you choose a non-Delta Dental dentist, you’ll be responsible for the full cost up front. However, participating dentists provide the best value for your dental insurance dollar, and most Delta Dental plans include full coverage of preventive and routine cleanings. It’s important to remember that you should never delay dental care for your child, as it could result in costly and unpleasant consequences.

In addition to your own dental insurance coverage, you should ask your employer if they offer a dental plan for your child. If so, contact your company’s benefits representative or human resources manager to see if your child qualifies for one. You’ll be surprised to find that dental coverage is typically 100 percent covered for preventive care. If you have a dental plan, it makes sense to sign up for it before your child makes their first trip to the dentist.

Pediatric dental plans

If your child has a lot of teeth, Delta Dental oral health pediatric dental plans may be the right option for you. Delta Dental plans typically cover about 50 percent to 80 percent of your child’s dental expenses. Parents pay what they owe at the time of service and Delta Dental files a claim for the rest of the bill. If your child sees a dentist who is not in the Delta Dental PPO network, they must pay out of pocket fees and wait for reimbursement.

The ACA mandates that all health plans offer dental coverage for children and adults. While most large group employers offer these plans, some do not. Therefore, you can look for a plan that will cover these services. Delta Dental of Iowa offers dental plans for children as well as adults. The plans meet the requirements of the ACA, but are still affordable. These plans do not have any lifetime or annual maximums. Those who are looking for dental coverage for their child should check with their employer for details.

Whether or not you can offer Delta dental coverage to your employees depends on the size of your group. Self-funded groups do not need to offer EHB coverage. In most states, small businesses are not required to offer dental coverage through their medical carrier. For the small group market, you’ll need to look for dental coverage through a stand-alone carrier or through your medical insurance provider. You can choose to offer dental coverage to your employees as an individual or small group.

TeethFirst! campaign

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit the dentist by the age of one. This is because early dental care sets the stage for a lifetime of great oral health. Delta Dental, a leading dental care organization, is committed to improving oral health. Learn about the Delta Dental TeethFirst! campaign and how to make dental visits a positive experience for your child. This campaign is aimed at encouraging parents to take their child to the dentist as soon as they start to experience tooth decay.

The TeethFirst! campaign is sponsored by Delta Dental of Rhode Island Fund. The campaign is a statewide oral health initiative led by Rhode Island Kids Count and recognizes the importance of early visits to the dentist. Early dental care is essential for setting healthy habits and preventing problems later on. While there are many benefits of early dental visits, some parents may not be sure which dentist will treat their child’s particular needs.


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