Tools required for calculating humidity and temperature while growing marijuana indoors 

Prepare yourself with these affordable, simple-to-use measuring tools to take measurements in your cannabis setup indoors.

Let us take you through the most important ones mentioned below:

Thermometer: A simple one will enable you to gauge the temperature inside your garden.

Hygrometer: This instrument measures air moisture content, or more specifically, humidity.

Infrared thermometers, also known as IR thermometers: Measure surface temperatures using a thermopile, a detection tool. Although not required, these are useful in determining leaf temperatures because they will provide you with additional knowledge about how to regulate environmental conditions.

Controlling the temperature

You can manipulate these factors to control the temperature in your cannabis garden or indoor grow space:

Lights: Various grow lights emit various heat signatures. Compared to LEDs, hot lights like MH, HPS, and fluorescents produce a lot more heat. In order to alter the temperature at the canopy level, lights can also be raised or lowered.

Airflow: Using fans and ducting, you can draw fresh, cool air (down low) out of the garden and remove warm air (up high) from it. Fans can also aid in air exchange within your canopy, cooling the leaves as a result.

ACS: If your grow space is too hot and the fans aren’t doing the trick, you might need to bring in an air conditioner to quickly reduce the temperature throughout.

Heaters: Some gardens might need warm air, especially when the lights are off and there isn’t any heat being produced.

Can weed plants survive the extreme cold?

A weed plant can grow slowly and suffer negative effects when temperatures drop below 50°F. It could freeze if it gets even colder.

Controlling humidity

Here are a few methods to manage it in your marijuana growing space:

Dehumidifiers: Dehueys dry the air out while also raising the temperature.

Airflow: Just like controlling temperature, controlling airflow enables you to move moisture into and out of your growing area and manage humidity. By simply opening a space, such as your grow room or tent’s door, you can reduce humidity.

Humidifiers: If the growing space is too dry, a humidifier can add water vapor and raise moisture levels.

Water: To add more moisture to plants without a humidifier, you can mist them with a spray bottle.

What garden tools are required to grow marijuana?

All gardens require a hoe, spade, garden rake, trowel, measuring stick, and planting line. For larger, intensively cultivated gardens, a wheel hoe or hand cultivator is practically required. For bigger gardens, a seed drill would be ideal. Maintain a clean and sharp edge on all tools.


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