Why You Should See a Dermatologist

Most people will wait for skin blemishes to go away without seeking treatment, but the blemishes might not go away. Persistent skin issues indicate serious underlying issues which require diagnosis and treatment at a dermatologist’s office. Dr. Samantha Robare Cypress treats acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, moles, and warts and offers cosmetic procedures. A dermatologist is knowledgeable about skin issues and will treat any serious conditions that a primary doctor does not treat. Moreover, they use modern technology and treatment plans to achieve these skin health benefits.

They Treat Acne

Although you can manage acne with a proper skincare routine and over-the-counter medications for acne, the blemishes might not be clear. A dermatologist will treat acne, which does not respond to over-the-counter anti-acne medications. The dermatologist will offer medical-grade cleansers which clear the acne and restore your skin. In most cases, you will not require medications to treat acne as the cleansers contain salicylic acid, which kills the acne-causing bacteria.

Sometimes you may need oral medications that kill the bacteria and ointments that reduce the pores’ size. Acne can enlarge the pores making the skin prone to future breakouts. Moreover, the dermatologist might recommend laser therapy to elevate the sunken scars after an acne breakout.

The Dermatologist Is Knowledgeable

Although the beauty products you buy from beauty shops would eradicate skin blemishes, they might be counterfeit and lead to more skin breakouts. Therefore, you should opt for dermatological-tested products or buy them from your dermatologist. The dermatologist will know the science that goes into product creation. They will read the ingredient lists and determine the products which work for your skin.

They Offer Dermal Fillers and Botox

The injectable fillers and Botox can elevate fine lines and eradicate wrinkles and sagging skin. Although you might get these injections at a beautician’s office, it is better to seek the treatment at the dermatologist’s office. The dermatologist will administer the injection precisely, making it easy to achieve the desired results. Without proper training, a beautician will inject the fillers inappropriately, leading to an asymmetrical face. It is hard to reverse the dermal fillers, but they will eventually settle in the face, but Botox injections are easily reversible.

The Dermatologist Offers Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgeries

Scars and deformities on the face might lead to low self-esteem, but you can consult a dermatologist for corrective surgeries. They may eliminate the scars from acne and other skin blemishes. They may recommend a facelift to deal with a turkey neck and severe skin sagging.

They Treat Skin Cancer

It is difficult to notice skin cancer in the initial stages as it has subtle signs. But the dermatologist will notice skin changes, such as mole color and shape changes over time, and conduct a biopsy. Skin cancer is easy to treat in the early stages before it progresses into sores and open wounds, which are hard to manage.

The skin is delicate, and you should see a certified dermatologist or beautician to deal with the skin problems. They will notice the subtle skin cancer symptoms, such as changing mole size and color. The dermatologists are knowledgeable and will recommend the right products which work for your skin type. They will read the product ingredient list, thus, eliminating the risks of buying counterfeit products. Moreover, they treat acne, psoriasis, and other blemishes and offer the best skincare routine.

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